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2019-08-23 21:14

The Accordance Bible Software offers 100s of powerful study tools to pastors and biblical scholars for doing exegesis, whether on a Mac, iPhone, or iPad. What makes this app interesting for pastors is its crossdevice syncing for your own notes and highlights throughout the app, making it easy to use no matter where you are.Here are 20 Great Tools and Apps for Pastors Sermon Preparation Google Docs are great because they sync across your devices and they iphone apps for preachers

The iPhone makes an excellent ministry tool for pastors, teachers, treasurers, creatives and many other types of church workers. The main draw for many iPhone users is the plethora of available apps. The main draw for many iPhone users is the plethora of

iphone apps for

Here are 13 essential iOS apps for pastors: 1. A Good Task Management App. The more hats you are juggling, the harder it is to stay focused on any one task and insure that you get it done. Using a good task management app will help you to insure you get what needs done, done. The built in reminders app with iOS will be good enough for many If you want to grow as a pastor, listen to free podcasts from your favorite preachers. It automatically syncs across your iPad and iPhone. The best feature isiphone apps for preachers The Best iPhone Apps for Pastors 12 comments since November 21, 2012 [ The Best iPhone Apps for Pastors 2 Pro Preacher at Reply I wrote Part 1 of my list of favorite iPhone apps that I use as a pastor.

Free Iphone apps for preachers

As a result, pastors can be more effective in their daily tasks. Here are some of the best apps for pastors today. All of them are available for both Android and iPhone users. Since seven is a nice biblical sort of number, here are the best seven apps that pastors should be using. 7 Essential Apps for Pastors. 1. Evernote Never forget anything, ever. iphone apps for preachers How can the answer be improved? Tony C January 20, 2015 5 iPhone apps pastors should be using The very arrogant title suggests that every pastor should be using an iPhone and that the apps mentioned are exclusive to the iPhone ecosystem. What Other iPhone Apps Should Pastors Know About? I hope you found my current list of best iPhone apps for pastors helpful. But I am always looking for new apps and plan to continue to keep this post updated. So please, help me out. What app am I missing? What would you add to this list? Let me know in the comments below. If you are a pastor with an iPhone, like me, you are probably always looking for the best apps for your iPhone to make it even better. I am completely obsessed with finding the absolute best apps for pastors in the iTunes store.