Iphone really slow on 4g

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2019-10-17 21:37

Nov 28, 2014 LTE download and upload speeds are slow on my iPhone 6. I also tried this on a coworkers iPhone 6 and got the same results, approximately 7 meg download. A friend with an iPhone 6 on AT& T is getting 35 meg download.Oct 19, 2017 Solved: iPhone 6 Slow WiFi Connection Problem Published on Lot of iPhone users faced this same problem when they use WiFi connection in their new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus. iphone really slow on 4g

The iPhone is a very memoryefficient device. In my experience, you dont need much available memory to keep things running smoothly. My advice to avoid a slow iPhone is this: Keep 500MB free at the very least, and 1GB free if youd like to be totally safe.

iphone really slow

Aug 03, 2016 Ok, some strange things going on with my Verizon iPhone 6 lately. I live in Denver, close to Capitol Hill and signal has always sucked in my apartment so I have always chalked up the slow download speeds to the poor signal. Next you can reduce the seethrough background effects which can also slow things down on an older iPhone. Tap on Settings General Accessibility Increase Contrast and set Reduce Transparency to On.iphone really slow on 4g If you want fast, go back to AT& T, or sell the iPhone and get a decent 4G device that will work with TMobile's 3G4G network. YanaS TMobile's 3G bands are not supported on iPhone so you're getting slower internet on EDGE (2G).

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I got a new IPhone 5 when it came out and everything was working good but now my LTE is VERY slow When I use the Internet, it doesn't even load up the webpage. I go home and use my wifi and its all fine (really quick actually) and I change my settings to turn off LTE so it's 4g I think and it goes much faster also. iphone really slow on 4g Re: slow speed on 4g 09: 44 PM I am sick and tired of ringing customer care ee regarding no 4g data on I phone 5 s in the Cramlington area of Northumberland, Is your iPhone slow to respond? Trying to open an app and there is a delay? Just like a normal computer, sometimes a little maintenance can help speed up the OS.