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2019-10-17 22:18

Jan 22, 2014 iOS 7 Jailbreak FREE Tweak 2014: Icon Masks Theme adds 71 Mask iPhonecaptain. Loading How to Change Your Home Screen Icon Shapes in iOS 7 KhmerLike the iOS icon grid that can be assembled using simple geometrical drawing methods, I assumed that the corner curve of the icon mask would just as easily be generated using geometry. I always thought the curve of the icon mask looked similar to the curved corner on my iMac, iPad and Apple TV. ios icon masks

Jan 27, 2014  Icon Masks tweak takes your Home screen to the next level. on January 27, 2014. 31. If youve been following our blog closely over the last few weeks, youll notice that we have covered quite a number of different themes that have been released or updated for the iOS 7 jailbreak.

ios icon masks

Additionally, in versions of iOS prior to iOS 7, the mask for an icon was essentially just a square with a border radius. However, with the introduction of iOS 7 the icon mask shape changed in a subtle way. Aug 05, 2013 (Thought some of my fellow themers might get some use from this review. Masks has been around for quite some time, but seems to fly under the radar for some reason. ) From developer Elias Limneos, jailbreak tweak Masks has been around for quite a whileios icon masks Feb 14, 2013  Masks Jailbreak Tweak (Fully Customise All Icons Updated For iOS 6) Icon masks How to Change Your Home Screen Icon Shapes in iOS 7

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Aside from having a jailbroken iOS 7 device, you will also need to install WinterBoard, the utility that we'll use to choose and apply the icon shapes. Installing Icon Masks. Open up Cydia, then search for and install Icon Masks. ios icon masks Some examples can be seen in the screenshots to the article. If you want install Icon Masks on your iOS 7 supported device, you need make jailbreak iOS 7 and install Cydia Store. You can make Jailbreak iOS 7 with new Evasi0n7 from Evad3rs Team for free. You can see detailed instructions. January 28, 2014. One brand new jailbreak theme can provide iOS 7powered iDevice users with a fresh, radically different new look for their iOS Home screen. Called Icon Masks, the theme is available to download free of charge, and requires Jay Freemans (@saurik) iOS 7optimized WinterBoard app, which is also free to download and install. Mimic your small icon with your App Store icon. Although the App Store icon is used differently than the small one, its still your app icon. It should generally match the smaller version in appearance, although it can be subtly richer and more detailed since there are no visual effects applied to it.