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Theres supposedly a great food delivery app for the Itaewon area as well, if youre living in the Itaewon area. Just beware that food delivery apps are regional: D. Otherwise, were gonna list a couple more apps that we dont use ourselves, so we cant vouch for it theyre actually good or not, but our friends seem to like them.Dec 10, 2015 Answered: Does anyone knows any app about restaurants and trending food in south korea? i really need this one to help me explore local food culinaire in southkorea next month. . food app south korea

Food isnt just about eating in Korea, it is entertainment, etiquette, skill, and lifestyle. These apps from cooking to delivery to eating out are must haves for people who love everything food and drink related in Korea.

food app south

Food Apps Wingspoon Youve meet your friend in an unfamiliar part of town, and after an initial howve you been, neither of you have any idea where to go eat! Its always a tough decision, especially if youre a foreigner in Korea. The winner is clear. Yogiyo overall is much easier to use and with their 24hour service, it really is a must have app. Baedal Minjok is better on the eyes but the app in meant for easy food delivery and overall Yogiyo seems to provide the better app south korea Mar 25, 2017 Answer 1 of 6: Are there any food ordering apps I can use to order food online in South Korea? Mainly Seoul and Jeju Thanks

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Visit Korea is a very convenient and wellthought out app from the Korean Tourism Office. It takes the Korean Tourism Organization website (the first Google result whenever you search for tourist related information in Korea) and compacts it into an app. food app south korea