Sbs web applications not working

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2019-11-17 01:51

SBS 2008 Remote Web Workplace RDP to PCs stopped working sudenly. We have an SBS 2008 server that has been running fine. Tonight, after no changes were made on the server or to client PCs (and after work hours) suddenly there is no access to desktop PCs via Remote Web Workplace. I removed, and then recreated the SSB Web ApplicationsSBS2008 recreate the internal and external companyweb site. Create a new IIS web site, and then, for the description, type SBS click Yes. Create a new application pool, and then for the application pool name, type SBS Sharepoint AppPool (case sensitive! ! ! ) Click ok. In Global Configuration, click Alternate access mappings, and then sbs web applications not working

Sep 06, 2009 after 2 weeks of trying every hint available we decided to wipe the installation and start afresh since nothing we tried was working. Thanks for the reply

sbs web applications

After comparing with another preSP2 server, I discovered that in IIS Manager, Default Web Site was running but the site, SBS 2008 Web Applications, was not running. The former has WSUS and Sharepoint components, the latter has Remote, OWA, OMA, OAB, Autodiscover etc. Autodiscover is required by Entourage clients. Cannot start SBS Web Applications 2008 SBS Server Migrated from 2003 SBS Server SBS Web Applications will not start, This website cannot be started. Another web site may be using the same port Goal: get OWA working without needed to trick IIS This problem has been ongoing since the install of 2008 SBS web applications not working Reinstall RWW and OWA on SBS 2008. Right I have managed to get OWA working again by removing Client Access Role and IIS then rebooting reinstalling IIS then reinstalling Client Access Role. 80 and 443 going to it so what im thinking now is if I can move the RWW stuff to under the defaullt website instead of SBS Web Applications

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Nov 29, 2011 I am not that technical (that's why we bought SBS) and didn't know how to work out the problem. I took a deep breath and did the following: I went to the server management console and clicked on Web Server (IIS). sbs web applications not working Apr 09, 2012 Application pool 'SBS Web Applications application pool' is being automatically disabled due to a series of failures in the process(es) serving that application pool. These don't really seem to tell us much.