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Jan 05, 2014 Quick guide to install SailFish in your Nokia N9 with Windows PC what are the limitations of the OS on N9? like camera don't work? or some missingA handson look at the Jolla Sailfish OS to the public once before on the widely praised Nokia N9. 4G support, eight megapixel camera, sailfish nokia n9 camera

[App Camera Plus Jollas camera isnt How to install Native Android Camera App on Sailfish. Sailfish ported to Nokia N9! miniTutorial.

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These resources are required to get Sailfish working on your Nokia N9N950. Firmwares. Obtain Nokia N9 firmwares from skeiron. org Camera does not work. Oct 22, 2014  u5ii7kOYM8 Sailfish OS running on the Nokia N9. : ) To Install, follow this guide: # InstallationGuide Bugs And Known Issues No Android capability as ofsailfish nokia n9 camera A video of Sailfish OS. 10 running on the Nokia N9 has hit YouTube. The port is unofficial, and at this early stage misses a lot of core functionality, such as camera, GPS, WiFi, Android compatibility, and even basics like proper time and date.

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I had originally planned on buying a Nokia N9 and porting Sailfish over to it, just for fun really. But I had planned to sailfish nokia n9 camera Sailfish ported to Nokia N9! miniTutorial If theres one thing you Sailfish OS for Nokia N9 coming soon! Does camera issue resolved now? ,