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2019-11-12 08:37

Power and radio settings on BlackBerry handhelds Originally posted: May 2002 Affected software versions Turn Wireless Off, and Power Off. Auto OnOffIf you want to conserve battery power, you can set your BlackBerry to turn off and on at set times by using the Auto OnOff function. I set mine to turn off at my bedtime and turn back on right before I am to awake so that its ready to go. blackberry auto power off

That's why it new when to auto power on after power off. Best alternative is bed side mode for BB10. True, but it was more off on the legacy phones than it is while in bedside mode on BB10.

blackberry auto power

If you use the Power button, and select Turn Off, your BlackBerry will turn itself on again when the alarm activates it or when it is set to turn on automatically. If you use the Power button, then select Full Power Off, your BlackBerry will not turn on again until you press the Power button. Dec 15, 2005  It should be No Auto on (selecting full power off ) and Auto On (selecting turn off ) I just tested this on my 7290 and my 7130 and it works. If i set Auto On the select to just turn off when the auto on time is reached, it turns back on. If I set the auto on and select full power off it does not turn back on. This is how it is supposedblackberry auto power off The Auto OnOff feature in the BlackBerry operating system allows you to automatically turn the phone off and on at certain periods. This feature can be useful if you know you aren't going to be using the BlackBerry at specific times of the day.

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Apr 15, 2013 Please Login to Remove! Ok where did auto power off power on go? I've used this feature to turn my BBs off for years from 9: 30 pm to 7: 00 am. blackberry auto power off Likewise goes for the Auto OnOff settings located in your BlackBerry Options. It's not that Auto OnOff is hidden on the operating system it is very easy to find; rather, it just seems to be one of those settings the eyes tend to passover and avoid. At least that was the case for me for literally 2 years. When you put your BlackBerry device in standby mode, the device screen backlight turns off and the screen locks. Battery and power. Turn off your device;